For so long I have stuck to just taking photos and letting them pile up on my phone… lost forever in that All Photos album that I hardly ever scroll through. A couple months ago I was introduced to Chatbooks and realized the importance of printing your photos.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I still haven’t printed our wedding photos… 3 years into marriage! And from what I can tell, so many newlyweds fall into this! I plan to change that this fall and start printing and displaying all of our photos as a precious keepsake of all our memories.

Not only does printing & displaying your photos naturally and creatively decorate your home, but it also helps preserve your memories and is an easy way to reminisce on your travels while standing in your bathroom or chilling on your couch. And not that I ever want to think of this happening, but what if someday everything accidentally got erased & you lost all your photos that you kept digitally?!

Chatbooks is a fun and easy way to print your photos into a photo album format that you can store on your bookshelves or coffee table. I printed a photo album as a gift for our third anniversary earlier this summer and it’s been a great way for us & our guests to have easy access to our printed photos. I’ll link their website here so you can see what’s available!

I also like companies like Artifact Uprising where I can upload my photos and easily print them as a set or with a gallery frame to hang on my walls. I’ve linked them here too so you can access their site. I’ve bought their Everyday Print Set to display our engagement photos and they are really high quality prints on card stock! I was very pleased.

So, how about you?! Do you print your photos instinctually or tend to let them pile up on your phone or camera?