Wow. 2016 was absolutely a year to remember! We’re married!!! Lots of stuff has happened since our last update in April.  So sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been caught up in all our work and life.

Let’s see here, where to start… First, Sydnie graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a double major in Cross-Cultural Ministry and Anthropology.  Here are some pictures from the weekend of her graduation!


Andrew flew in for the weekend of her graduation and then flew back for his finals week while Sydnie spent the weekend with her grandma.

About a week later Andrew flew in to Oklahoma and we spent the next month planning and preparing for the wedding.  Many friends and family came for our wedding and we’re so grateful for everyone that helped make it such a beautiful, special day.  Here are some of our favorite pictures from the wedding.




We are so very happy as a newly married couple.  After our honeymoon, we spent several weeks in Oklahoma.  Then, in late July, we began honeymoon #2, which is what we called our trip out to California.  On our drive out from Oklahoma to LA, we made stops in Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell NM, Meteor Rock AZ, The Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree!

After arriving and settling down in our new home, Sydnie began work as a Residential Coordinator (RC) almost immediately.  She loves working with the students and her RC staff.  Meanwhile, Andrew accepted a position as an assistant coach for Biola’s swim team.  Additionally, he accepted a job as a Teacher’s Assistant for Dr. Kim’s Hebrew classes at Talbot.  He also continues to work as a barista at Common Grounds.  We love our jobs and are blessed with these opportunities.  Here is a picture of Sydnie with her RC staff and Andrew with the other Biola coaches.

15349682_1167367176682063_8469295797494718508_n.jpg   IMG_20161022_085731.jpg

We both did very well in our classes (we got all A’s).  More importantly, we enjoyed our classes and learned a lot! We are looking forward to our new classes starting at the end of January.

Looking back on our year, we are struck by the ways in which God has provided for us as we create our new life together.  We are so grateful for the ways in which He has provided for us, for the people that He’s placed in our lives, and for his constant presence and guiding hand in 2016.


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