February/March Update

Hello friends, family, and whoever else!

So much to post about.  We had wanted to post again in February, but time did not permit, so this is sort of an update of how the last month and a half has gone.  Thank you to everyone following us and praying for us, we love you all.

We’d first ask you to pray for Andrew’s family.  Some personal things are happening and we’d ask you to pray for healing, restoration, and God’s presence and comfort in the midst of hard times.

The wedding is now just about three and a half months away and neither of us can hardly wait! So excited to spend June 25th with you all and we’ll be sending out invitations in the next couple of weeks, so look for those in your mailboxes.

Studies have been going well for both of us.  Sydnie, of course, has a little bit of senioritis with her graduation and the wedding coming up, but she continues to persevere in her studies.  Andrew is loving his studies and looks forward to applying his linguistic knowledge to a Bible translation.

Andrew is in the process of joining Grace E-Free Church in La Mirada, California.  He attended a church membership class last weekend and is regularly meeting with his Grace group, which is essentially a sort of Life group.  He has enjoyed new fellowship with believers and new mentorship from older and more experienced men in the Grace group.

Meanwhile, Sydnie has just accepted a job!!!  She was offered a job as a Resident Coordinator at Biola for the school year of 2016-2017. We are so blown away by the Lord’s provision and plan for our lives and excited to walk this journey together. She’ll be assisting undergraduate students in their various emotional, spiritual, and educational needs. We anticipate this new and exciting experience for her! Move in day is at the end of July, fall training begins soon after, and then the semester starts!

She will also be getting her Masters in Anthropology in hopes of working with women and children cross culturally. She would also like to get her doula certification eventually in order to work with and assist midwives.

We have been reminded of this Scripture lately that says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights,” James 1:17. God is so good and he continues to show us his grace and sufficiency.  He continues to see to it that our needs are met and prove to us that he is in control and will not leave us out to dry.  So we thank him for his grace and providence.

  • We ask that you thank God for the ways in which he continues to bless us and that he would continue to remind us of our dependence on him.
  • We ask that you pray for our first year of marriage, that we would love each other well as a result of our love for God.
  • We ask that you pray for our various ministries and that we would pour deeply into them and that true transformation would occur because of it, both in ourselves and in others around us.
  • We ask that you pray as we continue working on James.

Thank you and God bless!


One thought on “February/March Update

  1. Nothing in this life any better than receiving Jesus answering prayer . Blesskngs to both of you. Can hardly wait to see Jesuses plan for your future as a married couple and his blessings for you two..🙏😇🎓🌹❤️


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