January Update

It’s been awhile since our last blog post.  We have been fairly busy with winter break, traveling all over the country.  In fact, over this break, Sydnie will have been in all four continental timezones!  It’s been a wonderful time to get away and be with family together.

We spent a couple weeks with Andrew’s family in Denver, Nebraska, Kansas City, and Iowa.  While in Denver, Sydnie turned 22 and we celebrated by going to the premiere of Star Wars. Praise.  This break was Andrew’s first time to spend Christmas with his family in four years, so it was a great Christmas season with them.  Then in January, we sold Andrew’s car (such an answer to prayer!) and traveled to San Francisco to spend the remainder of break with Sydnie’s family.  It’s been such a fun break!!!!


After a couple of weeks in San Francisco, we are now preparing to head back to our schools! It’s both sad and exciting at the same time.  Sad, on the one hand, because we will miss each other a lot, but exciting because we know that each day that passes means a day closer to our wedding!  Sydnie is quite excited to graduate and finish out her last semester and Andrew is as equally anxious to get back to his linguistic studies.

While away, we’ve decided to memorize the book of James together.  Being that there are 5 chapters and 5 months (on January 25th) until our wedding, we both think this is entirely doable.  We are excited for the opportunity and ability to do this and look forward to the refining process that God will put us through in memorizing James.

Please pray for our families.  We will miss them and (hopefully) they’ll miss us too.
Please pray for safety on our travels back to school (Andrew is going back to Biola in LA and Sydnie is going back to OBU in Oklahoma).
Please pray for diligence while we’re in school.
Please pray that we will focus on our present time and present ministry. Pray that our eyes would be open to opportunities to share the gospel with those surrounding us and that we would be obedient to the Spirit’s prompting.
Please pray that wedding planning will continue to go smoothly.
Please pray for us as we go our separate ways.  We will see each other again for spring break, so pray for us during our time apart.
Please pray for us in our memorization of James, that we’d be focused and diligent.
Finally, please pray for Sydnie as she considers whether to pursue job opportunities or educational opportunities.



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